Studying Medicine in Townsville

Anson from Hong Kong is studying Medicine at James Cook University (JCU), Townsville campus.

Anson shares why she chose to study in Townsville, and what is the easiest way to develop a social life in Townsville.

I chose to study in Townsville to study Medicine. Studying Medicine at JCU meant world-class training and hands-on experience. This is my third year in Townsville and it’s been good! I’ve built a life here, made great friends, and developed a fulfilling and balanced social life.

Here are my tips to develop a social life at JCU:

1. Sign up for clubs and societies

From anime clubs to scuba diving to surgical interest groups, there are soo many different clubs you can join at JCU! Clubs are a great way to explore your interests, engage in your hobbies and meet likeminded people – whether that be through regular meetings or at events organised by those groups.

2. JCU International

The JCU International group hosts a weekly get-together with free snacks and drinks. This would be a great way to meet other internationals from all corners of the world.  

3. College life!

The best and easiest way I’ve met people and made friends was at college! Living with and eating with 200 people makes it easy to get to know many people and to make friends with them! Especially when everyone is leaving home for the first time, uni can feel lonely and feelings of homesickness can arise. College can be a great way to bond with others, make friends and get support.

4. Play a sport

Pick up a sport! This can be with some peers or friends, or you can join uni social sport! There are so many sports you can play, whether it be basketball, soccer, netball or badminton.  

5. Go to classes in person!

With the increasing option to watch lectures online now, there’s increased popularity to do that. But how can we meet others if we’re all hiding behind a screen at home? Go to more classes in person and meet people from your cohort and classes.

6. Join your course society

If your degree has a society, you should definitely consider joining it! It’s a great way to meet people in the same course; these societies also host multiple social and networking events!

7. Introduce yourself

Wondering why people don’t start the conversation? Maybe they’re feeling nervous too! Go to more events, start some conversations and be the first to introduce yourself !!

8. Say yes more!

Of course, still practice caution and sensibility and don’t do anything that’s against your values or true desires. But practice saying yes more! Go out more, do more – just say yes!

9. Plan ahead, schedule socials

Plan socials in advance! Add your course society’s events to your calendar for the semester. I like to plan my socials weekly with events to look forward to. Of course, you can also do this fortnightly or monthly but I find planning ahead allows me to be time-efficient and I loove having events to look forward to throughout the week/month.. especially when uni gets a bit much.

10. Put yourself out there

Lastly, just put yourself out there. Start the convo, don’t wait for others!

So those are all my tips on building a fulfilling social life at JCU or in Townsville! Join some societies, go to more events and start more conversations! Don’t be afraid to say yes more but of course – to stay safe and to make lasting fulfilling relationships and friendships, never do anything you’re not actually comfortable with (set healthy boundaries) !!

January 2024