Work related opportunities in Townsville

In a city like Townsville with over 190,000 people there is a wide range of opportunities for international students to gain valuable work experience whilst undertaking their studies. From part time jobs to volunteer positions and internships across a huge range of sectors and industries the possibilities are endless in Townsville.


4 reasons to consider an internship
Better Understand Workplace Culture and Gain Experience

As an intern you will be able to immerse yourself into a real work place in your chosen industry and learn a number of skills and experience which cannot be learned at your education facility whilst studying. Interns have the chance to shadow other employees as they perform certain tasks, which can be beneficial in learning how to do new things yourself whilst being supported in the work place. You will also be exposed to the types of software and platforms companies in your industry use on a daily basis so you can familiarize yourself with these and list these skills on your resume when the time comes to seek further or full time employment.

Develop a Professional Network

When you connect with an organization through an internship you will have access to a new network of people in a professional sense and be able to talk to people within the organization to learn about how the team operates. Making a good first impression and presenting yourself in a professional manner may also lead to future employment opportunities.

Improve your Communication Skills

Knowing how to address people or who to talk to in relation to a certain task or problem can be overwhelming when starting a professional role. Experience through an internship can help develop your communication skills and increase your confidence by doing things such as chatting to fellow employees, introducing yourself to others, or by offering to help host team meetings for example. You will also learn from written forms of professional communication through receiving and sending emails within the organization and other ways organisations may communicate with employees such as newsletters, employment contracts and memorandums.

Increase your Employability

By connecting with employers through opportunities such as internships and forming a professional network you will be better placed to secure professional employment. If you perform well during an internship, you may have an employment contract offered to you at the conclusion of the placement as well as attain an excellent reference from the employer which can assist in securing your next professional role. Experience and skills you could obtain from an internship will make you feel more qualified and confident when interviewing for your next job opportunity.


Volunteer work is also a great way to broaden your skillset and gain more experience. It can also broaden your vision as you’ll be working with people you wouldn’t normally interact with, and in some cases these people will be in poor living conditions which can allow you to reflect and perhaps set new professional or personal goals.

If you are considering work in the not-for-profit sector volunteering can present to a potential employer that you are willing to volunteer your time and have dedication to a particular cause.

You can also develop new friendships through volunteering and with people who share a passion for a cause with you.

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Employment Rights

If you do choose to work while you are in Australia it is important to know your rights as an employee. For details and information about the requirements of a fair and productive workplace, visit the Fair Work Australia Website. 

You can also find additional information relative to working while on a Visa in Australia on the Department of Home Affairs website.