Secondary School Boarding Experience

Victoria from Lithuania is completing Year 11 with Townsville Grammar School, and resides in the boarding accommodation at the school.

Recently I moved to Townsville from the Dominican Republic. Moving to a new country is always
an adventure, and my recent relocation to Townsville, Australia, has been nothing short of
amazing. Nestled in the tropical north of Queensland, Townsville is a vibrant, sun-kissed city
that has welcomed me with open arms. One of the most unique things about Townsville is the
warmth of its people.
From the moment I arrived, I was greeted with smiles and friendly conversations and everyone
has made me feel like I was part of the community – even though I have just joined it.
Likewise, Townsville has some amazing landscapes and natural places like the beautiful
Magnetic Island, a short ferry ride away, with its hiking trails, pristine beaches, and wildlife
encounters. Even though it seems like a small place, it might be deceiving as it has so many
cool and exciting places that I am yet to visit. I have made a lot of new friends in my new school
and met some new lovely people from other countries and cultures through Study Townsville.
I have been and seen some new things and new adventures like whale watching and
interesting workshops.

Overall, I like Townsville and think it’s a great place to visit as an
international student and hope to explore the city even more in the future.

October 2023