Secondary School Boarding Experience

Naomi from Papua New Guinea is completing Year 11 with Townsville Grammar School, and resides in boarding accommodation at the school.

Moving to another country is not easy, in fact it challenges you mentally and physically. It was even harder for me because not only did I move countries, but I ended up being in boarding at school, along with my younger sister. Boarding at Townsville Grammar School was very tough at first, a lot of tears, stress and homesickness kicked in. The first term was unbearable, I couldn’t focus because I was too busy missing home. Eventually, it got better. I started making friends, going out more, thanks to the opportunities here at Grammar. I started getting involved in co-curricular and boarding activities and began to see that being in Townsville wasn’t that bad. From going to the netball courts every Wednesday evenings to taking walks to the strand on Sunday mornings, I got into routine and started to see the number of things here in Townsville.

Through Townsville Grammar School, I had the wonderful opportunity to be a a Student Ambassador with Study Townsville. Study Townsville had a really big impact on how I would view Townsville as, I got to have the chance to connect with people outside of boarding and go to places I could never imagine going to, just like going to the Great Barrier Reef. The trip to the reef had been my favourite experience yet, I got to snorkel around the John Brewer Reef, just 2 hours out of Townsville. Thanks to Study Townsville, I was only able to do these things, and thanks to Townsville, I am grateful and appreciative of the many wonders this place can offer.

October 2023