Learn how to cook Italian food in Townsville North Queensland!

Anson is studying Medicine at JCU in Townsville and as a Study Townsville Student Ambassador participated in an Italian Cooking Class right here in Townsville! Anson shared her experience with us.

Who knew Townsville had an Italian cooking class? Certainly not me or the two friends I went with – and one of my friends has grown up here in Townsville !! 

My friends and I were incredibly fortunate to join this Italian Cooking night run by the lovely Angie and her husband Michael who own and operate Simply Italian in Townsville. We were welcomed into their home with an incredibly beautiful and strong smell of garlic bread (focaccia which we got to enjoy later). After some warm introductions, we got started on the food prep. Together, we prepared a simple yet incredibly delicious salad with bocconcini, olive oil and oof, don’t even get me started on the balsamic vinegar and glaze! 

With clear and easy-to-follow instructions from Angie, we then began mashing up the potatoes she and Michael had boiled for us beforehand; we began preparing the gnocchi and she demonstrated how to make the perfect SOFT gnocchi and gave us tips on how to roll the perfect gnocchi shapes. This was paired with a rich and yummy tomato-based sauce with chicken and fresh herbs imported from Europe (and some wine, of course). And of course, we had to end with dessert – profiteroles!!  

This Italian cooking night was an incredible and homey experience. Throughout the night, there were many conversations and laughs shared. Alongside getting a yummy three-course meal, this is a great way to meet people and bond with those you go with. Many people often underestimate the number and quality of activities available in Townsville, and yet it keeps surprising us! This cooking class with Simply Italian is a memorable experience and something I will be recommending.

October 2023