A Study Townsville Student Ambassador Experience

Priyanka Pokhrel from Nepal, studying a PhD in Health with JCU, Townsville Campus.

I was planning to pursue my post graduate degree overseas and specific to public health, policies, and hospital management. Fortunately, I discovered JCU in Townsville, Australia offers the degree exactly what I was looking for. This is how I got the opportunity to experience wonderful life in Townsville. Some of the fascinating landmarks, overwhelming cultural aspects along with harmony and respect and tremendous educational support are so lively to experience here. Though Townsville may not be counted in the list of other big cities in Australia, but you can still enjoy all the facilities of big cities peacefully without any hustle and bustle crowds and luckily in the lap of nature.

I am grateful to experience such an incredible educational support here in JCU. It’s not only about your degree course but there are numerous additional and essential professional development courses offered to students which is importantly free of cost. After coming here, I now strongly believe that if you have desire to learn something you will absolutely succeed since you get numerous support which acts as a bridge to overcome any difficulties. Along with your supervisors there are other mentors such as COHORT doctoral program mentors, academic English support mentors to guide you in each step as required by you.

At JCU, if you are capable enough you can achieve some professional experiences. I am thankful to professors who provided me trainings and allowed me to perform some casual academic works. Recently, I got a volunteering opportunity in the Pacific Programme for the Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis (PacELF) which works within the framework of the WHO Global Programme to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis and is in JCU.

With two years of student life experience here in Townsville, I suggest new student to believe in themselves, be proactive and feel free of worries and uncertainty about their degrees or living experience. Like you need to follow the traffic rules while travelling by road to get safely to your destination, similarly you need to follow your study and moral guidelines to get to your study destination. Undoubtedly, there are speed brakers and bumps where you need to slow down but you may seek advice from your professors/mentors and sometimes seniors or colleague who may act as a medium to succeed the educational path.

Speaking truthfully, for me, joining Study Townsville and representing myself as a student ambassador is one of the best decisions I have ever made after moving to Townsville. After being a student ambassador, I have gained more confidence in myself, and all those experiences and activities conducted here have boosted and nurtured my enthusiasm. One of my hobbies since I was teen was making friends across the globe which has been finally fulfilled after joining study Townsville student ambassador program. Thank you Study Townsville!

September 2023